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Welcome to the Nuthatch

3 June 1977
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I am over 18 and of legal adult age in my country.

Umm, yeah... This is me... What the hell is the point of a bio on an on-line journal? Read the damn entries!
Oh, all right... I read, I write, I drink tea, I watch Buffy and M.A.S.H. on DVD. I am a HUGE Doctor Who & Torchwood fan and fanfiction writer. My favorite movie is- believe it or not- 1776. I have way too many books. Also I knit like a fiend. Bet you didn't know fiends knitted? Well, they do.
That's all you get. :P

Oh, and thanks to caitirin for the Utena mood theme, which you can find here: http://caitirin.livejournal.com/685974.html